On the Dance Floor

On the occasion that I’m taking a break and I’m watching people dance, the people that I find myself gravitating to and really enjoying watching are the people who look like they’re having fun out on the dance floor. And those women are also the most fun to dance with.

I have one regular partner that treats the dance floor like her sandbox. Not only does she get flirty on the dance floor with her partner, but she plays with people within arm’s reach to her, even to the point of sitting on one guy’s lap that was sitting watching them dance. Mind you, she did not miss a beat and kept going with the guy she was dancing with.

Another one of my regular partners brings in a sassy attitude that spreads out into her styling. And when I give her a hand toss, she’ll let it hang for a beat or two with her wicked grin. It’s always satisfying to know when your partner is enjoying the dance.

On the other hand, I saw this one guy dancing with my teacher and through out the dance, he did not crack a smile the entire time. This completely boggled my mind. Here this guy is dancing with a beautiful woman and truly amazing, graceful dancer and he doesn’t look like he’s enjoying dancing with her. He seemed really wrapped up in himself. It completely turned me off about watching him dance. I really wanted to go up to him, grab him by his collar and say “Dude, do you know who you’re dancing with? Smile will ya!”

When I’m out on the dance floor, I dance better with a woman that’s giving me some good feed back and really looks like she’s having fun. I lead better, I move better, I feel better. And if that’s happening, then she feels it and she seems to have more fun. Now that’s a vicious circle I wouldn’t mind being in.


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