Energy on the Dance Floor

Physicists are constantly searching for new particles, new energies and Grand Unified Theories. They are finding that in the greater scheme of the Universe how connected everything is to everything else. Energy binds matter together, matter contains and focuses energy. Physicists are finding at certain energy levels, matter vibrates in harmony.

The feminine has an energy of her own; deep, creative, confident, beautiful. Salsa brings out that energy, allows her to focus it. But there are some in today’s society, that expects her to keep it hidden, contained. It would be improper, unladylike, trashy to allow her to tap into that energy.

It takes some time for the new dancer to glimpse that energy. At first, she’s timid. She doesn’t realize how to make it her own. But, like the astronomer, we can discover it; coax it out. It takes patient, gentle searching to find it. But once she has that one moment of clarity, she becomes a changed woman. Nothing can take that strength from her.

For the ones who find that energy, it is a torrential river; passionate, exuberant. As a lead, there is no way to stop it, just with a little hope and a lot of patience, we can direct it, channel it. And as a lead, there is nothing better when we find that moment of harmony. The dance becomes both effortless and exhausting.


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