Being a Regular

It is nice to go out and find new places to go and dance and it’s exciting to find new dance partners, but finding a place you can dance at regularly can make a world of difference.

I’ve found that I get more positive responses from people that I’ve danced with or at least seen me around the club. They know that I can dance well and know that I would look out for them. It’s not that I won’t dance with a woman that I haven’t seen, but my regular partners do get priority to other women. And I know what to expect from certain partners. I can be more aggressive with one partner; less so with another; each partner will have her own styling that I enjoy.

Being known by the staff is always nice too. I have a running joke with the front desk people at one club I go to. If there’s a new door man and he asks if I’m on the guest list, the lady behind the desk says “He’s always on the list.” But like any business, they like repeat business. So the club will look out for their regular customers. At the club I frequent, I’ve gotten on the guest list, even though I’ve missed the cut off time. Being friendly with the security personnel can make the night a bit more pleasant.

And another benefit of being a regular at a place that a lot of people don’t think about, you know where all the cool spots in the room.


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