Monopolizing partners

Salsa falls into the category of Social Dancing. And I like to emphasize the Social part of it. As dancers, we get together and enjoy the time with each other. Some people just don’t seem to understand the social parts of it. There are guys that will take a girl out on the floor and take three or four dances in a row with the same lady. This seems to defeat the social aspects of dancing.

Now I understand if people come together as a couple and they want to dance together. But even then, they will frequently take a break and dance with other people. In fact, I’ve read that in earlier times, it would be considered a breach of etiquette for a husband and wife to dance together. It would be considered anti-social. The idea was that if a married couple wanted to spend time together, they wouldn’t have gone out to a social event. It would have been the equivalent of going to a dinner party and ignoring all the other guests and just talking among themselves. Yet these days, some guys think it is perfectly ok to ask a woman to dance and then hold on to her for three or four dances in a row, being blissfully unaware of other gentlemen who would like to dance with her.

When I see things like this, I don’t make a scene and I find other people to dance with, knowing that I would get a dance later on in the evening. There’s nothing wrong with getting more than one dance with your favorite partner. I’ve gotten multiple dances with the same partner in the same night. I just don’t dance with her two songs in a row. I give her a chance to take a break or dance with another lead.


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