Getting Inspired

One good thing about being able to appreciate other dances is that I can get inspired by other dances. I was browsing around and stumbled upon a Tango blog about maintaining a healthy Tango addiction. The blogger had a quote she got from one of her instructors.

“This is your community, these are your dancers, these are your options, so help each other become good dancers.” Luciana Valle

Tango Blog

It struck a point on exactly why I dance with the beginners. Mind you, I love dancing with the amazing dancers. I absolutely love dancing with my instructor and would never turn a dance down with her. But if I can encourage the beginners, make them feel comfortable dancing Salsa, make them feel good and help them get better, then that means that there will be more good dance partners out there for me to dance with.

One of he nicest feeling I had was the other day when I was helping out in the beginning class. They were teaching a 1 ½ turn to the right. I was dancing with one lady and all of a sudden, she just got it. She burst out in happiness and I could see the fire in her eye lighting up. Right there I could sense that she was going to become a Salsera.

As I’ve said before, Salsa, like any partner dance, is a cooperative endeavor. We need to help each other out. If we can get more people sticking with it, then the whole community benefits.


One Response to “Getting Inspired”

  1. Shiny Says:

    That one and a half turn was the reason I took the beginner class again! It’s tough, and when it finally clicks – WHEEE!

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